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The Story

About us!

Here at Templar we believe we are on course to become national leaders within the Traditional Lime and Building restoration industry.

With over 90 years of expertise behind us in all aspects of restoration and construction we are now trying to Centre our focal point specifically on Traditional Lime & Building restoration.

Plants and Pottery

Why Lime?

It was actually Due to a mix up why we became so heavily involved in Traditional lime.

Half way through converting some outbuilding's on a farm into Holiday cottages for a client, We got stopped by National Parks. It seemed some reports had been missing from planning and it needed to be resolved.

The planning was re-submitted successfully However  National parks insisted That the building had to be restored in Traditional methods Including Lime Pointing, Plasterwork.

All walls had to be built in Lime & Earth.

All insulation had to be Lambs wool and wood fibre.

Minerals and Stones

Following on.

In these Modern times Traditional Lime & Restoration Methods are relatively mysterious. Some of the information banded about is nothing more than opinions and speculation.

When The Job entailed Specialist Knowledge we sought the services of Nigel Copsey an expert in Lime who has written books and trained numerous people on very prestigious projects.

Nigel Kindly Offered to train us in his methods and his expertise.

Since Then we have completed and advised on Numerous projects including work on National Parks and English Heritage.

Although Having this specialist area thrust upon us, Over the years it has become a love affair and a passion. 

Minerals and Stones
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